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About Us

Mike began his career with wood as an arborist. After several years of tree pruning and removal, he began searching for a way to reuse the wood he harvested. Rather than just burning or throwing it out, Mike wanted to use this wood in a way that could be enjoyed for years.

He started carving spoons in 1996. The first spoons were chopped with a hatchet.  He then moved on to using a few hand tools and a dremmel, all out of his garage.  At most, he made a few spoons a week. 

The first time he sold spoons at the Capital City Public Market in Boise, his entire inventory was comprised of 25 spoons and a hand-carved chair.  Nearly everything sold that Saturday.

Spurred on by his success, Mike invested in a bandsaw and some sanders. While working 40 hours a week as an arborist for the city, he continued to carve spoons out of his garage in his spare time, selling them at the Market once or twice a month.

People kept snatching up his spoons, enabling Mike to eventually quit his job and concentrate on carving full-time. He opened his own tree-pruning business, and uses wood from that to carve his utensils and furniture.

Mike built a small shop in 2004. In 2010, Meg quit her own job as a zookeeper to join him full-time as a spoon-maker. 

We now employ a variety of power tools to produce each item by hand. It is a self-taught, 19-step process that we use to make each spoon, creating a unique end-product.

We sell about 50 spoons, spatulas, or cutting boards each week at the Market, and are able to bring our wares to several Northwest festivals and art shows throughout the year.

We are proud to be able to create a beautiful product that honors the tree it came from and that people all over the world can cherish and pass down to the next generation!